1988 Memorial Day Powwow

A public celebration with singing, dancing, and honoring of participants.

Over two hours of recording was made during the Northern Cheyenne Memorial Day powwow at Lame Deer, Monday evening, May 30 from approximately 8:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. The recording was interrupted only to change tapes or to change batteries.

Participants in the pow wow are announced on the tape. The recordist sings with the drum group, White Buffalo Singers: Corlette Teeth, Floyd Bearing, Henry Sioux, and others. These are men from Busby and Lame Deer.

All Nations Sings is a drum group of Lame Deer, Montana, made up of a majority of high school age young men. The Four Star Singers, led by Phillip Whiteman, are also from Lame Deer. The Crow Wranglers are a group from Crow Agency, Montana, from the Crow Tribe. These and other groups are announced to perform inter tribal songs, for open dancing, and contest songs, for contestants in traditional regalia to perform before judges for cash prizes.

(continued on 435c88, vol II)