Anna Ridgebear and John Killsontop

Cheyenne Songs for Children

Dave Graber recorded these songs while teaching at Busby School for use in the music classroom in 1977.

Side A

1. "Morning Song"

Traditionally sung at sunrise when men returned from war or hunting. It originally may have been a scalp dance song. Sung by Anna Ridgebear

Ene'esevoonao'o "Morning is happening"

Venamato'eotse "Get up"

Nesemesama "come eat"

2. Variant of song #1, sung by John Killsontop

3. "49" song by John Killsontop: If you wait for me/ after the dance is over/ I will take you home/ in my jitney car. (with vocals as used in 49 songs.)

4. "49" song: Oh yes I love you honey/ I don't care if you're married I still love you/ I'll get you yet.

5. Northern Cheyenne Flag Song:

Hovahehasestse (My Friends)

Nestoheonane (our flag)

Nestoanehe (our land)

Nemehotanone (we love them both) --Sung by John Killsontop