Black Kettle Singers

Singers at the drum include Hubert Black Wolf, Otto Brady, Martin Brady, Johnnie Russell and leader, Jimmy Red Cloud.

"Dull Knife College Song" text:

Chief Dull Knife, Chief Little Wolf, tse'evaheotsevo (they came home)

"And old veteran's honor song, a battle song"

Nestse nehase (my friend)

navehoomemeno (look at me)

naha'evehotse ( I came back from battle)

taema navehome (It is me; I am a man)

"A Viet nam veterans song"

Viet Nam


ehtoanototse (it was very hard)

"An old dancing song"

Honehanetaxe (young dancers and singers)

Tseve'ehoena'e (It's good to be old)

Ma'heo'o (Creator)

Nehaoenatovatsemo (We pray to him)

"A veterans song, could be used as a memorial song"

Notaxeveho'e (Soldiers)

Neme'etanetoo'e (We are thinking about you)

Hestaneheo'e (We, the people, are.)

"A memorial song"

Netaxeveho'ose (the soldiers,)

Nenestomonetoo'e (they heard them)

Hestanova (the people did.)

Nestoheone (Our flag)

Nanetsetavese hesto'omeneheto (you gave your life for it)

Netamehetaneve (You must be a man)