Cheyenne Supremes Vol. 1

TJosephine uses her linguistic training (she has worked as a bible translator) to help with writing the Cheyenne words to some of the songs.

1. It's my Sweetheart I'm looking for. He's living in Crow Agency, they say.

2. This song is a wolf song tune with words by old man Ben Bearchum, who died in 1920. This song is sung as told by a girl from a poor family.

Tsetove hanoveheto (As impoverished as I am)

Vehonekaeskone (It's a chief's son)

Name'vestomo exhevoo'o (I really hoped some day)

Hexovona'keso (To marry)

Hene ehova'hanehetse (But that is all gone away)

3. This song is sung the way Alva's uncle, Frank Ridgebear, used to sing it at the drum with Henry Sioux, Tom Soldier Wolf, George Two Moons, Jim Brady, and Tom Medicine Elk.

Neseneneo'o tsemehaemahao'hestova (The girl my friends all sought after)

Oha no'ka namahao'hestova (Just once I got her on)

Natahanamo "Ephheva," naheve. a car. "It is good" I said.

4. This is an old wolf song remembered by Gladys Old Mouse from Busby.

Voto'estatane (Human)

Nanesoneo' sevatamoono (On my children have compassion)

Amesto- neva'hanehe tsehevone (A time will come when all people will recognize you, saying "It is he!")

5. Kaasovahesone (Young man,)

Nestseve'totohosome (Do not make fun of me. variant: Don't offer me a drink)

Naesema'heoneve'ho'a'eve (I have now become a Christian woman)

6. Kahsovahesone (Young man,)

Ho'eve-oxoheseto (Whatever you may say to me,)

Ese'oesehetometo (Your words may not prove true at all)

Neme'eve-voho'eose (You would just throw me away.)

7. This song is an old, honorable song. A more modern variant (text only) is sung by James Medicine Bird, "Chiefs child, pass the whiskey carfully, you might drop it" on the Medicine Bird Cassette 114c72. Comments on this variant by James Shoulderblade and Sylvester Knows His Gun are on 425c88, near the end of Side A.

Vehonekasekone (Chiefs child,)

Nesto'emanestotse (Your special status,)

He'konetoenahtse (Really hold to it,)

Nestseoha'ena (Or you will lose it.)