Cheyenne Supremes Vol. II

Gladys Old Mouse, Josephine Glenmore and Alva Stands in Timber discuss and sing old songs they remember, then comment on songs in old recording 445R45 of Charles and Annie Spotted Wolf and Henry Littlewhiteman (445R45) is a recording made by D. Glenmore of Busby in 1945, and is currently unavailable publicly).


-Discussion of two old victory songs sung together

-Discussion of an old honor song given to Alva by her mother

-"Mata'etaneo'o" sung and discussed:

Axeehoo'e ne'ohtseo'o (Children come home)

Ma'taa'ataeneo'o enestonevanohtseo'o (They are hearing footsteps of the forest people)

Ehenovehe "mmhee" (they are saying 'mmhee' owl sound)

-Discussion and singing based on 445R45

Song #1: A song for sending soldiers to war

Kasavaahe ame'hahtave mahtaxevonehneto (Young man when you get on the)

Majtaxevonehneto nahkohohessemeo'o (big ship, make a sound like a bear)

#2 Selection song for an honor. Alva tells how she experienced this song. (sung later)

#3 An old Sioux give away song

#4 Cheyenne flag songs discussed, story of how flag songs came about from Basil Medicine Elk and Maurice Medicine

-"Going to War" song sung, described in #1.

#5 another soldier song described not sung:

Ksovahe eehetaneveho'e (the soldiers are now men)

-another old honor song sung

-other songs described


#16 Sundance song described, not sung

-Old sundance song, sung with originals words (OK for women to sing):

Mo'ohtaeto'esto'essevooma ohtavoomo'estse (Whenever I see the black long fringed shawl)

Nohkeaseononestahe (I got plumb crazy (for her))

#17 Wolf song described: Young man I plead with you, love me, don't ever leave me. I am a Christian white women.

-Other words described

#25 honoring song described, (Because I am loved by my ___ 'relative named', I am being chosen by the committee)

#36 Women's war bonnet songs described

#42 Sundance song with words described, not sung: (Northern Cheyenne women, I let them view my physique. but I don't marry them.)

#47 Wolf song described, Kasovaahesone nennonoohtsemahtse (young man I'm pleading)

Mehoxeo'o nestseve'evehesenooxe (love me, don't get jealous of me)

naa ma'heoneve'ho'a'eve (I am a Christian white woman)

-Other songs described

-Old handgame song sung

-Old wolf song sung (wolf talking to people): "Have pity on my children. In time, the people will be singing, he's the one (selected for an honor)"