Donlin McManus Cheyenne Songs

Copy of two cassettes 450c89 & 451c89 recorded at the McManis home in Busby. First cassette (Scotch XS II, 450c89) is faulty constructed, risky to play. Do not use cassette 450c89.


1st handgame song: YA HA-YO HE YA

2nd handgame song: YA YA YA HA-E HA YA

3rd handgame song: YA YA YE HA YA

4th handgame song: YA YE HA YA YA HE-YO HA YA

Use to have words, "I'm getting god now, go bring your horse"

5th handgame song: A YA YE-HE YE E a victory song

6th handgame song, from about 1949, old man Spotted Wolf

Old Cheyenne war dance song, used to have words sung for a special.

2nd Old Cheyenne War song (interrupted by jammed tape)


Old war dance song from old man Two Birds, usually sung for the powwow committee or as a special for a relative.

Another old war dance song

A Cheyenne stomp dance song, a type of war dance similar to the Crow Hop, but the drum beat is different.

"Sweetheart" round dance song, usually the last song

Round dance songs with words

Tsevexoomene (don't smile)

tsevohpomessehane (or they'll find us out"