1985 July 4 Pow Wow, Lame Deer, MT

Side one:

1. Sneak Up-contest dance song.

2. Intertribal dance song #1.

3. Crow Hop by Mad Dog Singers, Crow Agency, MT. Led by Dale Old Horn.

4. Contest Song facy dance by Teton Ramblers, Lame Deer, MT. Led by Cleve Highbull.

5. Intertribal dance song #2.

6. Song by Riverbottom Singers, Crow Indian Reservation, MT.

7. Honey If You Leave Me, "49" song.

8. Paveksova, Cheyenne honor song by White Buffalo Singers, Busby, MT. Led by Corlette Teeth.

Paveksova "honorable young man"

Tsexeheamene "walking by"

Nehesevoomane "you were selected"

Nevoestomanetone "they are publicly acclaiming you."

9. "Nahkohoeovase" Cheyenne memorial song by Morning Star Travelers, Jimmy Red Cloud, Birney, MT.

Nahkoheovase "Yellow Bear"

Nekanom'ohovaneho'o "although you are dead"

Nevoohestoo'o "your relatives"

Neme'etanetoo'o "are remembering you."

11. Hova'eetsenehe, Cheyenne veteran's memorial song, sung by Morning Star Travelers

Hova'eetsenehe "all our lot here"

Esaahotovanatone "is not tough"

Ovo Nestovanehestonane "only our death"

Ehotovaneto "it's tough"

12. Hovahehastste, Cheyenne flag song, sung by Morning Star Travelers, Philip Whiteman, lead singer.

Hovahehasestse! "All my friends!"

Nestoheonahne "our flag"

Nesto'ane "our land"

Nemehotanone "we love them both"

13. Elk Society Song, Morning Star Travellers

14. Two gourd dance songs, Perry Little Coyote, leader.

Side Two:

1. Intertribal song, Morning Star Travelers

2. Intertribal song, Ogalalla Singers

3. Intertribal song, White Buffalo Singers

4. Intertribal song based on "Amazing Grace."

5. Honor song, repeat of side one #9.

6. Intertribal song, Ironwood Singers.

7. Four more intertribal songs.

8. Sioux song with text, singers from Porcupine SD.

9. Intertribal song by White Buffalo Singers.

10. Refrain of Southern Cheyenne flag song recorded from camp site.