Perry Little Coyote's Drum Group

Cheyenne Traditional Songs

Master of 410 & 411r87

Recording made for younger singers to learn uses, texts and style of important traditional songs suitable at celebrations. Made for archives at DKMC by Ronnie Fightingbear, Ashland, MT, Jimmy Red Cloud, Charles Little Old Man, and Perry Little Coyote, lead singer of group, all from Lame Deer, MT.

Singers start with a warmup intertribal dance song, then the content of the recording session is begun as described as below. Narrative notes are intact.

Side A

1. Southern Cheyenne Flag Song, composed by Maurice Medicine in World War II to celebrate men coming home from the war.

Nataseveho'otsese' nestoheonevo (I'm going to sing to honor your flag.)

Tsenestahehaxohoveno hehonevo'toese (You went across to defend it.)

Nestoahene'estse HE momohto'axehe (Your flag is still waving)

He'tane vestotse nehotamestanovo HE HE. (Brave manhood, you have obtained it.)

2. Northern Cheyenne Flag Song, first composed by Alex Standing Elk.

1. Notaxeveho, nestoheonevo, nesomomohtahe (Soldiers, your flag is still waving.)

2. Ksovahe, nestoheonevo, nestoheonane, nesomomohtahe (Translation??)

3. Veterans flag song

4. A "Give Away" song: Hovahehasestse (Friends from far away)

5. A "Give Away" song

6. A "Give Away" song (could be used as a memorial song, too.)

Side B

1. Narrative about last song on Side A. memorial songs, etc.

2. Gourd Dance song. This is a starting song for the gourd dance.

3. Gourd Dance song. Text in Cheyenne: "Creator, look down on us, have pity/mercy on us."

4. Gourd Dance song

5. Gourd Dance song

6. Gourd Dance song. These gourd dance songs are all old ones.