Petter Hymns Vol. II

Taped for archives at Dull Knife College, and to provide a performance record of translated hymns recently transcribed to notation for the Cheyenne Hymnbook, 1982.

This is the second and third sessions continued from 437c87.

Performers are led by James Shoulderblade, currently the best authority on how the Petter hymns were sung. Singers under Shoulderblade's directions this second session include: Mr. and Mrs. Wendy Shoulderblade, Gladys Old Mouse, Louise Fisher, Wayne and Elena Lerman, Joey Duty, Ora June and Dave Graber.

Numbers refer to hymn numbers in the Cheyenne Handbook, Tsese-Maheone-Nemoeototse, published in 1982 by Faith and Life Press, Newton, KS, and available from the White River Cheyenne Mennonite Church, Box 37, Busby, MT 59034

#77 Veohtsememeno Jeses Ach bleib mit deiner gnade

#78 Ma'heo'o nehmetsemeno Mah'henone-omotome (Am I a solider of the cross)

#80 Netamaheme'etano'tovone (Bread of life)

#82 Jesus Nahaermehota (Jesus loves me)

#83 Jesus Namehote (Jesus loves me)

#86 Namehota Gott ist die leibe

#87 Veho'ohehe ma'xe-ma'heo'o (Oh worship the king)

#88 Haenehosanestotse nahmetseo'o (More love to thee)

#92 Oha hestsema'eme Jesus (Nothing but the blood of Jesus)

#94 Hestanova tsemo'onatamano'e (In the sweet by and by)

#107 Hetseto ho'eva naamehne Harre meine seele

#117 Jesus one'eva'ovemeno

#119 Jesus neve'nooze (Pass me not 0 gentle savior*)

#121 Jesus Tsemehoxete (Jesus lover of my soul)

#128 Jesus netanaho'ohtsevatse (Repeat from first day)

#129 Ma'heo'o ma'xene'tahetosanehe

#133 E'oestaahe-Voestanesestse (Faith is the victory)

#135 Heestahanee'tovaJesus (Stand up, stand up for jesus)

#137 Nestsehotaxanomonenone (Sometime we'll understand)

#139 Ne'etamastse no'paveamataestse (Trust and Obey)

#140 Netahaoename (Sweet hour of prayer)

#141 Nehahane'ovatse neho'e Ma'eho'e (Nearer my God to thee)

#142 Tseheheto tsemahene'taheto (The Lord's my shepherd)

#143 Natane'estamenotseJesus (Simply trusting everyday)

#144 Nanehevo'eestanehevetano'ta (Ice will streben)

#146 Nahetooseme Ma'heone-hestanova (I'm a pilgrim)

#147 (recorded 8/10)

#149 Hetseto ho'eva Eebehovanee'e (Saved by Grace)

#151 Esaa'o'o mohehehane nenastonane (Saved by Grace)

#153 Tsemo'onatamano'e ho'e (In the sweet by and by)

#156 Neho'e Ma'eho'ehe'ama pavevesevemenoo'e (Partying Hymn)

#157 Eebetaa'eveotse Muede bin ich

*this hymn, complete here, was cut at end of reel 414r87.