Songs Recorded in 1985

The Original tape 420r85, was made by Dave Graber, present at the drum, 3-10-85. It has been contributed to Dull Knife Memorial College, and is being included in the collection for historical purposes.

Members of the drum group where the honor songs, flag song and gourd dance songs are sung include: Joe Big Medicine, Jr., James Red Cloud, Eugene Black Bear, Perry Little Coyote, Charles Little Old man and Floyd Bearing all of Lame Deer; Burton Fisher from Birney, Mt., and Johnny Russell of Busby.

This tape includes the traditional naming ceremony.

In July, 1988 Eugene Blackbear, a gourd dance singer also at the drum in this tape, requested that a copy be made for him. At this time it was determined that this recording should be contributed to the archives at Dull Knife Memorial College. This cassette was copied from the original reel recording July 4, 1985.