Ted Risingsun and Sylvester Knowshisgun Commentary

Mr. Risingsun and Mr. Knowshisgun listen to a recording made by Wesley Whiteman 113c75, and sing songs they remember.

1. Listening to Mr. Whiteman's singing of the "Head Chief" song, with comments by Mr. Risingsun

2. Mr. Knowshisgun sings 3 songs as he remembers them, used in kettled dance among Cheyenne.

3. Mr. Knowshisgun plays his tape of Cheyenne kettle dance songs sung by a Sioux group (picked up from Cheyenne celebrations), and comments.

4. Mr. Knowshisgun stops tape of Wesley Whiteman to sing songs he used to dance to when young, used in the kettle dance: the first song, as he remembers it.

5. Mr. Knowshisgun sings the song used just before the charge to the kettle in the drama, and the second song, sung while charging.