Ted Risingsun and Sylvester Knowshisgun Commentary II

Sylvester Knowshisgun and James Shoulderblade, both of Lame Deer, MT comment on Cheyenne Traditional songs played for them from Bull coming tapes 102c50, and Medicine Bird tape 114c72.

1. Mr. Knowshisgun and Mr. Shoulderblade listen to side 2 of tape.

2. Mr. Knowshisgun sings victory song sung after Custer battle, 1876.

3. Mr. Shoulderblade sings a traditioinal Cheyenne war dance song (not a Modern Omaha song). This is a scalp dance song, sung traditionally while the dancers re-enact a war event.

4. Both mr. listen and comment on Medicine Bird songs from 114c72.

Name'o'hova He-e [my sweetheart]

Nano'sevatamo [I am thinking of you.]

Mahono'setano [I am lonesome]

Name'o'ho [ my sweetheart]

Naesehove momeohahtamo [I thought highly of her]

Tsestapav'nehe'eno [But when I knew her well, I found out]

Hevamo emahsakeheveho [she had round heels.]

Medicine Bird sings his song four times, each time with slight text differences as he remembers variants. He does not sing "verses".

Nameo'o tsenesne'ase'otsevo [It's my sweetheart I left standing]

Nahe'ne hovo'eho'otova [gazing at me]

Hetamehaeanamehosa'ehe [Maybe she loves me.]

Ho'eohoseto [Whatever you told me]

Eame'oesetometo [You never tell the truth (old Cheyenne word).]

Neme'evavoho'oese [Why don't you get rid of me (throw me out.)]

Vehoneka'eskoneo'o [Chief's child (children, this is plural).]

Veho'emahpe [Whiskey]

Hehe ehamanose [Pass it slowly]

Nese'ehoha'enase [ You might drop it.]

This song was not clear enough to write completely;

Nesaaxovahesone (Something about a young man is not... I love him... the one I love)

Ho'enehe'o hemeohevoetse [Wolves (have) many roads

(words unclear) But when they sense something wrong.]

Ehoevatseo'o [They all turn back]

Another old wolf song.

Mahtama nesoneoneseho [Old lady, your daughter is a poor girl] (unclear words).


Mr. Knowhisgun sings 5th song from Medicine Bird tape the way he learned it; 'Young woman, pass the whiskey carefully, you might drop it."

5. Mr. Knowshisgun sings and describes another old song.

Recording made for archives at DKMC. Original Bullcoming recordings to go to OSU archives at Norman, OK. Medicine Bird recording is at DKMC archives.

Ted Risingsun and Sylvester Knowshiggun are friends from childhood. Their memory of songs and events is enhanced by talking together. Mr. Knowshisgun brought an eight-track player and an old commercial recording of Crow songs on an 8-track tape.

Side A

1. Information and history of Cheyenne hymns

2.Listening to James Medicine Bird tape and comments. This is continued from 425c.