Medicine Bird Recording at DKMC archieves,. 114c72

Ted Risingsun and Sylvester Knowshisgun are friends from childhood. Their memory of songs and events is enhanced by talking together. Mr. Knowshisgun brought an eight-track player to an old commericial recording of Crow songs on an 8-track tape.

1. Background comments on narrative on Bullcoming tape #6 106c60

2. Comments on Old Cheyenne song "Mataehtaneo'o" (monster man). Mr Risingsun sings.

3. Comments on old Crow push dance, played on 8-track by Mr. KnowsHisGun

4. song, apparently of signifiance amoung the Crow people

5. An old "push dance" song, from back when this genre originated near the last of the 19th century.

6. Another Crow push dance song.

7. An old grass dance (Omaha) song.

8. Another old grass dance song, used for traditional contest dancing, possible Crow origin.

9. Other old grass dance songs are heard here, with comments interspersed. Most of these songs are from the Crow, some were shared and sung by both Crow and Cheyenne. The actual origin of these songs is unclear.

10. This was originally a Cheyenne enemy dance song, picked up and sung here by Crows.

11. War Bonnett dance song, Cheyenne, for young women.

12. Another Crow push dance (round dance) song.

13. An old Crow song.

14. Other old Crow songs, and conversation about an old building near Busby used for celebrations.

15. A Cheyenne song with special significance to Crow people.

16. Another old push dance song

17. Comments on Christian traditional songs, Indian religious power and Christian spiritual power.